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Getting your music played onBlue Radiojust got easier!
Complete our music submission form with your details and as much info as possible on the track you are submitting. We want to know who the producer is, what inspired the song, how long you have been making music(if you’re a musician), previous success stories and more. We will only play and support clean radio edits.

This means the track must not contain any profanity, slander or f-words lyrics. 
Make sure you are following us on Instagram, Facebook, and X formerly Twitter. We’ll share your music and artwork across our social media and streaming platforms if your music is selected for ‘Spotlight Tracks’.

Before submitting your Song(s) or Album, make sure they have the correct metadata embedded along with the Song or Album cover (of not less than 600px by 600px).

NB: Songs not submitted in the correct metadata format will be ignored automatically

Thank You.